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Thursday, April 17, 2014

xCORE Analog sliceKIT competition

That's cool!!  :)

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Tronicgr - The winner of our xCORE Analog sliceKIT competition
Our recent xCORE Analog sliceKIT competition was a great success, with 111 qualifying entries! 
We'd like to thank you all for your 10-word project ideas, but there can only be one winner and on this occasion that winner was Tronicgr, with the following project idea:
How about building 6DOF Stewart platform real time motion controller
The winner was chosen by our Chief Operating Officer, Mark Lippett, who commented that the quality of project ideas was to a very high standard and it was very difficult to choose just a single winner. 
We will continue to run competitions for other XMOS devices in the future and we will be rewarding the most active XCore community users as well (more on this soon!).
There were some excellent project ideas, and we encourage you all to set these up in the Project section of the community. We have a special Project Idea category so you can have it set up there before you actually start any work towards your goal.
Honourable mentions:
(These are some of the interesting project ideas that sadly didn't win this time around but caught our eye nonetheless)
  • Virtual Reality Glasses With Real Time Object Detection For Gaming
  • Captain of my autonomous sailing yacht, for the Microtransat Challenge
  • Graphics card host for Nvidia Maxwell for crypto currency mining
  • Structural health monitoring for civil infrastructure using smart sensing technologies
Thanks again to everyone who entered and watch this space for more competitions and offers from XMOS.
And as always, don't forget to Like us on Facebook, or Follow Us on Twitter, to keep up-to-date with the latest developments at XMOS.
Kind regards

David Wilson
Marketing Specialist

Thanos, 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sending Positive Energy Your Way, Zaharie! cont'd

I'm still sad and shocked hearing all these negative and false information about Captain Zaharie, in a degree, that I don't watch the news anymore. 

I believe a terrorist wouldn't be quite as open as Captain Zaharie with his love and passion for flight simulations. Many commercial airline pilots from all over the world contact me for help in adding motion to their home made simulators that share the same interest as Captain Zaharie. I don't see that as a "threat", I see that as "for the love of flying." Let me point out one thing, race car drivers have motion simulators in their homes as well. Will they be deemed terrorists too? 

I heard these past days about "logs" that were deleted... I'm sorry,  how do they know that were deleted deliberately and not just because they are just "temporary" logs? The flight simulation software have many  plugins that distribute data from the flight simulator "game" to all plugins that handle the virtual cockpit instruments, and guess what, all these are holding logs merely for performance feedback. As far as I remember unless I "save" a particular flight, the data for the session are lost as soon as I close the flight software.

Flight simulation is fun! One does not have to worry about the stresses of actually flying a plane with all the safety concerns, limitations and consequences that go along with commercial flights. FAA rules are very strict. It is also a very good tool to learn to fly an aircraft or virtually visit destinations anywhere in the world. However, it is completely different to actually get behind a yoke of an actual plane. 

Adding motion to the simulator provides the pilot with realistic feedback about the planes reactions and makes the experience more immersive, this is called "motion cues". For a 6DOF steward platform like the one Capt Zaharie was building, a complicate math model is required that uses classic filters, to recreate the motion and the reactions of the real life vehicle or plane. The motion platform itself is nothing more than some robotic intelligent parallel actuators. There is nothing more to it.

example of 6DOF Stewart Motion Platfrom (partial cockpit)

-example of the motion platform in action... Din't mind the "acrobatic" flying, was just testing the motors

I'm really a busy man and don't have much time to talk about it anymore. I'd like to thank all the news reporters for their inquiries but I really have nothing new to add. I do not wish to be an object of "something to talk about" just to "cover" the advertising time. 

Thanos, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sending Positive Energy Your Way, Zaharie!

Where ever you are, I'm hoping you are safe!

Many pilots contact me interested in making "home" simulators. Zaharie along with some others pilots actually used my motion controllers to upgrade the realism of their simulators by building motion platforms.
I feel saddened when I hear the news media with their "theories" of suicide and terrorism of Malaysia Flight 370 at the hands of Zaharie.

I have known him for over a year now and found him to be a good man, husband and father. He was proud of his expertise of do-it-yourself constructions, he even shared with me and a colleague (the now infamous YouTube video) that is being splashed all over the news about his energy efficient air-conditioner.

I'm sick and tired of the negativity the media is spreading about this man without any proof; just theories!

Thinking of you buddy!

Friday, March 14, 2014

More of VFD inverter box 2 (Sew Eurodrive)

By Gilles (France)

Some updates on the wiring and a few videos of testing with AC motors. Expand the post to see...

Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY 6DOF Motion Platform by Markus

[UPDATED 4/13/14]

Another great DIY 6DOF platform was made by Markus from Germany.

Its a 6DOF Motion Platform with DIY DC motors actuators . It uses Ians BFF actuator design with major improvements, Ians BFF 6DOF Motion software Driver, Sabertooth 2x25 and Thanos AMC1280USB 6DOF extension board to drive the platform. The platform provides enough power to lift up 200-300kg which will be good for a good motion platform.

The linear actuators are based on Ian's design here: http://bffsimulation.com/linear-act.php

Update! Added new video...

Watch his video:

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Richard's mini servo platform test video on rFactor

Happy New Year,

Richard A. shared his video of the mini platform he made for testing the 6DOF plugin for x-sim3 on rFactor (if I'm not wrong). The servos are driven by the miniservo driver that is connected on the AMC1280USB controller.