Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Support Forum for AMC1280USB


Thanks to Jerome (and a few other supporters) there is now a new forum that is dedicated on the AMC1280USB controller and everything associated with it, like, related hardware, software, motors, sensors, etc. There going to be lots of FAQ and tutorials posted there really soon.

I hope that it will be filled with information soon and relief me a little bit from the manual task of repeating myself all over again in emails.

Its been up for just a few days so excuse the mess at the moment. Please join and keep an eye on it:



California, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sharing time between development, email correspondence, personal and professional life.


This is not a rant, just a notice for all of you trying to reach me on my email, and didn't respond back yet.

As many of you already know, my time is limited, I cannot stretch myself to do all at once. I try my best to keep a balance between project related tasks and personal life.

-I do not answer email during the weekend. On Mondays the backlog can reach over 100 emails...
-Emails with multiple requests or questions may have lower priority... overwhelming...
-Some days of the week I have to devote only on developing (random days).
-Programming fixes for issues or new features may take several days or weeks, depending on how easy is to replicate the issue or create a test platform.

Also, assembly times are directly connected to the delivery time of some overseas parts. I wish I had everything locally, but for now its not something I can change.

So, please be patience, I'll get back to you as soon is possible. I'm not superman... :)

Maybe some kind person could create and maintain a simple forum for these conversations instead of emails, so everyone can learn from others experience without me having to repeat myself over and over again.


California, 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

Firmware Summer Updates

Hi all,

You can find the latest firmware 1.0k here:

History changes:

-Fixed bug where no data where accepted if the number of motors where less that 6
-Changed the use of switch on KLM connector, to ignore new position data and slowly park the platform in rest position (start position).
-Minor performance changes.

This version is stable now. Let me know if you experience any issues. You feedback is important!

Image: AMC1280USB + 6DOF ext boards with no connectors, among various sensors

Thanos, California

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

737NG Simulator Project

UPDATE: added video 6dof MP 1st Motor Gearbox Test (5/27/2014)

By Mike Sherick


This letter is in response to Ian's reply to me, but I thought it best to copy you Thanos, as I wanted to communicate the same information to you as well.  I truly thank you both for your emails and objective comments.  

I fully understand that it is difficult for to comment specifically on the "general information" that I provided.  This is especially challenging since I am not a mechanical engineer and I do not have formal knowledge concerning the proper use of engineering terms to describe things - something I mentioned to you on the phone when we talked.  You have been kind to reply, and I respect the general nature of your comments, considering the limited set and somewhat disjointed of information I have provided.

Given that the nature of tying to build a full-scale 737 Sim Motion Platform is in and of itself a huge project, I am sure that most folks would pass this kind of project by, and rather spend their time playing golf or reading a good book.  All that is fine, but that has never been my personal mode of dealing with interesting challenges - like building  full-motion platform, or building my full-scale 737 Sim, which is now flying nicely.  Many of the projects I have done over the years have all turned out to be good learning experiences, and quite rewarding.  I expect that the 6dof Motion Platform falls into this category.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sending Positive Energy Your Way, Zaharie! cont'd

I'm still sad and shocked hearing all these negative and false information about Captain Zaharie, in a degree, that I don't watch the news anymore. 

I believe a terrorist wouldn't be quite as open as Captain Zaharie with his love and passion for flight simulations. Many commercial airline pilots from all over the world contact me for help in adding motion to their home made simulators that share the same interest as Captain Zaharie. I don't see that as a "threat", I see that as "for the love of flying." Let me point out one thing, race car drivers have motion simulators in their homes as well. Will they be deemed terrorists too? 

I heard these past days about "logs" that were deleted... I'm sorry,  how do they know that were deleted deliberately and not just because they are just "temporary" logs? The flight simulation software have many  plugins that distribute data from the flight simulator "game" to all plugins that handle the virtual cockpit instruments, and guess what, all these are holding logs merely for performance feedback. As far as I remember unless I "save" a particular flight, the data for the session are lost as soon as I close the flight software.

Flight simulation is fun! One does not have to worry about the stresses of actually flying a plane with all the safety concerns, limitations and consequences that go along with commercial flights. FAA rules are very strict. It is also a very good tool to learn to fly an aircraft or virtually visit destinations anywhere in the world. However, it is completely different to actually get behind a yoke of an actual plane. 

Adding motion to the simulator provides the pilot with realistic feedback about the planes reactions and makes the experience more immersive, this is called "motion cues". For a 6DOF steward platform like the one Capt Zaharie was building, a complicate math model is required that uses classic filters, to recreate the motion and the reactions of the real life vehicle or plane. The motion platform itself is nothing more than some robotic intelligent parallel actuators. There is nothing more to it.

example of 6DOF Stewart Motion Platfrom (partial cockpit)

-example of the motion platform in action... Din't mind the "acrobatic" flying, was just testing the motors

I'm really a busy man and don't have much time to talk about it anymore. I'd like to thank all the news reporters for their inquiries but I really have nothing new to add. I do not wish to be an object of "something to talk about" just to "cover" the advertising time. 

Thanos, 2014